Would your Employees or staff know what to do if they saw a snake?


Reptile Safety Awareness & Training

RESTA has various different training programs for you to choose from.  All of RESTA's training is covered by 20 million in Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  RESTA has all of the correct licencing to display reptiles as well as Scientific User Approval and Animal Ethics Approval.  These are required by Queensland Legislation.    


RESTA's Reptile Awareness and Safety:
A "Statement of Completion" is awarded on successful completion. This training is suitable for the whole of your workforce, volunteers or for anybody that wants to know how to behave around reptiles. There are different delivery options for this training, and we will discuss your specific requirements with you to ensure the most relevant delivery method is used.

Essential training for those who may come into contact with wildlife. This course ensures that your employees or volunteers are trained to know what to do around reptiles and when a specialist with relocation skills is required. 


Capture and Relocation training program:

Extension training for those who want to become skilled in capturing and relocating reptiles. This course ensures that your employees or volunteers are trained to know what to do around reptiles and how to relocate reptiles safely and correctly. RESTA is approved to conduct this training by the "Approved Provider Register" kept by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.  

  • RESTA can adapt their programs to suit your situation, industry, location and job discriptions.

  • You can request to have a "Reptile Risk Site Evaluation" prepared by RESTA as well as a "Reptile Policy and Procedure" to ensure you know how to best manage wildlife at your school or workplace.

  • RESTA can develop Toolbox Talks or Reptile Safety Sessions specific to your workplace.

  • RESTA can provide you with Snake Bite First Aid Kits, Pocket Guides to Common Snakes and Capture and Relocation Equipment.

All quotes from RESTA are free and include all fees and charges.

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