• Student and Animal safety is paramount

  • Fully licensed to exhibit native wildlife

  • Appropriate public liability insurance

  • Scientific User Approval

  • Animal Ethics Approval

  • Working with Children Cards

  • One School Risk Assessment available upon request


Reptile Safety 

School Workshops

Developed to fit with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) 

Your students and staff have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our interactive workshops, featuring a range of non-venomous snakes and pythons, lizards, and crocodiles. 

*Venomous snakes are available depending on location and student numbers.

They will learn how to identify different types of reptiles, discover their life- cycles, habitat and how they survive in the wild; and most importantly, learn what to do if you ever come face-to-face with a venomous one! 

  • Our workshops are conducted to suit different year levels

  • All workshops can be adapted to specific units in the syllabus if required

  • All workshops can support education across different learning areas

  • Resources can be provided prior to the workshop to allow teacher planning of further activities

  • Age-specific workshops can be combined to ensure that the whole school body is included

  • All workshops contain a live animal display.

  • Hands-on options can be catered for

  • A staff specific workshop can be given to ensure that your responsibilities in regards to policy and procedures are met

  • Some workshops contain a PowerPoint Display. PowerPoints can be adapted for specific learning areas in specific year levels options can be catered for

School Workshops
Special Education

"I Christien Payne principal of Collinsville State School would like to share my belief in the importance of snake awareness and education. I strongly believe that all schools should allocate time for Radical Reptiles learning to ensure children are skilled on what they should to do if they see a snake and what not to do. I found the explicit skills taught to apply restrictive bandages to the older students was fantastic, especially that they can even as a child administer lifesaving first aid. I have received large amounts of positive feedback on our school Facebook page and face to face discussions from parents. It was pleasing to hear how their children shared the experience of handling pet snakes and other reptiles."


Christien Payne - Principal of Collinsville State School