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RESTA has been providing reptile education and safety training in Australia for more than 15 years and is considered Queensland’s premier reptile entertainment and education service.

Our reptile safety presentations have been saving lives and delighting people of all ages for over 15 years; we are one of the longest running snake shows in Queensland! 

Due to demand for our quality presentations RESTA has expanded our programs from just reptiles to other options.


With a range of display options to choose from, RESTA delivers unique experiences for schools, shopping centres, festivals events and more. 


For a detailed explanation of each of our self-contained display options, you can browse our website, or contact us for a detailed quote and program tailored to your next event.

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RESTA cares about changing, innovating, adapting and evolving so there is always something new and fresh to bring to you.

RESTA equals quality, professionalism, respect, responsibility and experience.

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