• 4 Hour Duration
    (I hr practical demonstration of live animals)

  • Basic Reptile Identification

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Snake Behaviour

  • Ecology and Environment

  • Bio-diversity

  • First Aid

Reptile Awareness & Safety

Reptile Safety and Awareness Training


Ensure the safety of your employees by teaching them how to best respond when they encounter reptiles in the workplace.

Fear and lack of knowledge around reptiles can lead to your staff being bitten, injured or even unintentionally harming the encountered animal in panic. Our specialised Reptile Awareness and Safety Training Program is a short, 4-hour course conducted in a safe environment that teaches location specific training. The program addresses the key reptile behaviours your staff needs to know in order to minimise injury to themselves and their colleagues, basic reptile identification and what they must do in the event an emergency situation arises.


Live reptiles bred in captivity are used in the training under an Exhibitors Permit and, where possible, a location-specific simulation in your workplace or local area will be demonstrated. This training is a perfect compliment to our Reptile Capture and Relocation program or can be a stand-alone course or integrated into your existing Work Health and Safety Programs. 


RESTA is an approved wildlife training provider for the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and holds Animal Ethics and Scientific User Approval to use animals to conduct training.

For more information and to book your training session please contact us today. Minimum numbers apply.