• Two-day hands-on course - 1 Day Express available

  • Legislation

  • Reptile identification and snake behaviour

  • Personal safety and recommended equipment

  • Handling techniques

  • Ecology and environment for release

  • First aid for snake bite

And more.​

Capture and Relocation Training

Capture and Relocation

RESTA Capture and Relocation Training will assist you and your employees to obtain a permit to safely capture and relocate reptiles found in your workplace.


Native Australian reptiles are protected under Legislation that is specific to each state and cannot lawfully be killed, captured or taken from the wild except by a person holding a permit issued for the state that you reside or work in, yet most snake bites occur when inexperienced people attempt to catch or kill a snake.


Capture and Relocation Training is a hands-on two-day course (or one day depending on numbers) conducted in a safe environment that teaches participants how to safely identify, capture and release reptiles. Live reptiles bred in captivity are used in the training under an Exhibitors Permit and where possible the training also involves one-on-one training and a location-specific simulation in your workplace or local area. RESTA can also  Refresher Training (conditions apply).


RESTA is an approved wildlife training provider for the QLD Department of Environment and Science and holds Animal Ethics and Scientific User Approval to use animals to conduct training.


For more information and to book your training session please contact us today. Minimum numbers apply.

Nationally Recognized or Accredited Training is NOT required by the Department to obtain this permit

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